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Box 7


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From Joseph Keyserling (Brother) , 1919-1933

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 1
Collection Overview From the Collection: Part I (Mss 1049a) is the first accession of the Keyserling family papers. It includes Keyserling genealogical information, ephemera and family news clippings; material related to Leon Keyserling's political career (essays, clippings, speeches.) Correspondence includes letters between William Keyserling (WK) and Jennie H. Keyserling (JK) 1903-1935; WK and Leon Keyserling, 1908-1949; WK and Beth Keyserling Rosenfarb, 1911-1951; WK and Rosalyn Keyserling Schreiber, 1911-1944; WK and Herbert...
Dates: 1919-1933

From Charles Hyman (Brother-in-law), 1916-1944

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents

From NY; re. the death of his (and Jennie Hyman Keyserling's) father; re. Jennie's health; describes taking Jennie to a New York sanitarium and advises how best to care for her; updates on other New York relatives; descriptions of the Keyserling children who visit the Hyman's often; concern over Leon's health; change of address announcement for his medical practice; report on Rosalyn's physical condition (1943-1944).

Dates: 1916-1944

From Rosa Segel Hyman (Niece/sister-in-law)                                            , 1910-1929

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents (all from New York): re. financial matters; her teaching certificate courses; correspondence re. Jennie Hyman's health and recovery; asks William to send her north to recover; mentions her daughter Doris's growth and progress; descriptions of private hospitals and sanitariums Jennie went to; describes how Leon spent his time (while living with them) the summer before entering Columbia; inquires about business in Beaufort and other relatives; reports about Leon (at Columbia); discussion of...
Dates: 1910-1929

From Rosa Segel Hyman (Niece/sister-in-law)                                            , 1930-1951

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents From NY; details about her trip to Palestine; discusses Leon and Beth's careers; how her family is coping with the Depression; mentions she and her husband cannot limit their social life (even though they need to) because it would affect his medical practice; assures William that Beth is successful as a substitute teacher; inquires about Jennie's health; discusses Rosalyn's engagement to Milton Schreiber; mentions Rebecca Hyman's health; description of "the family organization" meetings;...
Dates: 1930-1951

From Dena Keyserling (Niece), 1935-1951

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents

Most letters from NY; updates about her life and other Keyserling relatives; describes her job (social work?) teaching inner city NY children character training; correspondence re. financial matters tied to her mother's estate (of which William is executor); mentions visits with Beth and Herbert and her volunteer work during World War II; postcard from Mexico City (late 1930s); discusses her health and asks William to send her money (from her mother's estate).

Dates: 1935-1951

From Mary Dublin Keyserling (Daughter-in-law), 1941-1951

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents

Discusses her work with a congressional committee investigating problems stemming from the migration of several million people to defense jobs (1941); writes about discrimination against African Americans in industry; mentions Leon and his work and a London conference she attended on international affairs (Aug. 1945); describes war damage in London and means of relief.

Dates: 1941-1951