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From Leon Keyserling (Oldest son), 1944

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents From Washington DC; major topic is Rosalyn Keyserling Schreiber who is suffering from Leukemia; counsels his father how to handle relations with the Schreiber family; urges WK to withdraw from his ice business; describes Rosalyn's three month stay at his home during her illness; discusses Rosalyn's move from Providence Hospital in Columbia, SC to a hospital in New York; writes about financial matters and Rosalyn and Herbert's shares of family estate; provides WK with details about Rosalyn's...
Dates: 1944

From Leon Keyserling (Oldest son), 1945-1946

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents From Washington, DC; advises his father to sell the ice plant; discusses the settlement of financial matters with Milton Schreiber, rights he has to Keyserling property, accounts held jointly with Rosalyn, the involvement of other lawyers, etc.; investment advice; mentions Pauline Hirschfeld's illness and Herbert's baby daughter, Judy; discusses WK's plan to create recreation facilities for African Americans in Beaufort County and what Leon could do to help; his opinion on WK's plan to...
Dates: 1945-1946

From Leon Keyserling (Oldest son), 1947-1949

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents From Washington, DC; advice on WK's stocks and estate transactions; his thoughts and advice re. Beth's marital and financial difficulties; discusses his work as an economic advisor to President Truman (letterhead from "Executive Office of the President/Council of Economic Advisors"); mentions he is Chairman of United Jewish Appeal for all government workers in Washington; comments on the international situation (cold war?) with Russia; mentions vacations in Bermuda and New England; comments...
Dates: 1947-1949

From Leon Keyserling (Oldest son), approximately 1930s

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents

Letter written from New York, possibly the summer before he left for college describes Leon's work at a mechanical job and the other boys he meets; several undated letters written from Columbia University and misc. letters from his trip abroad (ca. 1928); undated letters written from Washington DC updating WK on his career accomplishments.                                                                              

Dates: approximately 1930s